The NanoFAQ

  1. What is this site?
    MMB NanoSolutions provides small solutions to small problems. If you find yourself with a very small problem, and are looking for advice from several tremendously overqualified consultants, please submit it via the NanoProblem Submission System.
  2. What is a nanoproblem?
    A nanoproblem is a very small problem, though not so infinitesimally small as to not be worth solving. It is typically a problem for which an immediately obvious solution is "deal with it."
  3. Are STI's nanoproblems?
    And neither are relationship problems.
    Unless they are relationship nanoproblems.
  4. What is a nanosolution?
    A very small solution to a very small problem (e.g. a nanoproblem).
  5. What happens when I submit a nanoproblem?
    We solve it and post it to our archive.
  6. What if I don't want it to appear on the archive?
    Check the "SUPERCONFIDENTIAL" box and provide us with an email address so we can email you the nanosolutions.
  7. When else should I supply my email address?
    If you'd like to be notified when we post your nanosolutions to the archive, provide an email. That's the only thing we use the emails for.
  8. Is a complaint about how long it takes to receive your nanosolutions a nanoproblem?
  9. I am dissatisfied with my nanosolutions, what should I do?
    Deal with it.
  10. What is your privacy policy?
    We respect and guard our users' privacy very privately and with the utmost respect.