ID#: 305
From: Eff Steve Jobs
Nanoproblem: Apple care is an insurance contract wherein the two parties have asymmetrical information. (Apple has a much better idea of when their product will break than I do.) And I have no doubt that it is extraordinarily overpriced; while the chance of it paying out is undoubtedly high, it the ratio of the premium to the payout is extraordinarily low (a $50 dollar contract saves you from having to buy a $200 replacement, which--crucially--you could reasonably elect not to buy anyway, unlike, for example, emergency medical care.) So Apple care pisses me off. And here is what really pisses me off: when your product malfunctions, shortly after your stingy warranty has expired, they make you feel like the whole situation is your fault, and could have been prevented if you had done the prudent thing and bought their unethical, asymmetrical information, rip-off insurance contract. Apple is an extraordinarily unethical company but its unethical practices are too subtle and theoretically complex for most of its consumers to identify as such. This is my nanoproblem.
  1. Deal with it
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