ID#: 184
From: michelle o.
Nanoproblem: i had a dream where i was part of a steampunk-19th-century world where young women were viewed as inferior to older women, similar to that found in margaret atwood's handmaid's tale. my "supervisors," two older women, decided it would be HILARIOUS to take me and three of my fellow girl-slaves to some fancy function and pass us off as one of them by putting us in 19th c clothes and telling us to be on our best behavior. upon arrival someone passed me a tumbler of alcohol which i, in a moment of extreme resourcefulness, smashed against the table. i held a shard up to the throat of one of the supervisor ladies and told her i was leaving "or else." i ran off through a plate glass window with one fellow girl-slave, but as soon as we jumped out she went to the right and i went to the left. i ran into two women (the supervisor kind) who wanted to know what had happened but since i was in my blending-in clothes i convinced them i was going ot get help. then i escaped to a railway station and managed to convince another girl to let me on a train and that i wasn't up to no good as she first thought i might be. finally i jumped off of the train and arrived at a strange university-cum-ruined house place where i fell in with a crowd of misfits. we grew suspicious of one roommate, a certain "mark" who had a square jaw and blond hair and a stringy blonde mustache. we began to fear that he would turn us, and especially me, in to the authorities, and we were discussing our fears when we realized that mark was in fact in the next room. when he realized we'd seen him he leapt to the window and i stopped him saying "don't jump, mark." he said he was just trying to go to churhc with his mother, who just then knocked on our door. his mother turned out to be a small man in a wig and a kerchief. then i woke up, and suddenly my life seemed so dull.
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